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Just another WordPress site

Deleting My Facebook Account

I’ll be deleting my Facebook account tonight. Besides the obvious privacy reasons, I just never really liked it to begin with and find it a useless time sink. I got pulled into it because of a browser game years ago, but social sites just aren’t my thing anyway. They’re mostly full of misinformation, snopes, conspiracy theories, attention-seekers and try-hards and that’s all that I get in my feed and it’s annoying. Additionally, Facebook is just plain boring and offers no substance except for a few pages that I can read elsewhere. The human brain can only absorb so much information and I choose not to fill in the space with useless data.

All that said, I’d really like to delete it right this instant, but I’m sending this message out to anyone who’d still like to keep up with me. Those who are already in touch with me, know how to reach me by phone or wherever. But if you’re not one of those, you can reach me by subscribing or sending me a message on my website at shaunie.nyc.

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